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12. prosince 2008 v 19:57 |  čteme a píšeme persky
Čekal jsem na nějaké odezvy na tento blog, a jelikož už se nějaké našly, tak budu pokračovat v lekcích a článcích o perštině. V této minilekci psaní ukážu další dvojici písmen a to "s" a "z". Už tu tedy budeme mít třikrát "s"! Připomeňte si, jak vypadají ta předchozí dvě s. A stejně tak tady máme třetí "z". Pozor tedy na to… nedivte se, že v perštině jsou tři s a tři z. Kdybyste dělali (jako já) perštinu společně s arabštinou, tak byste viděli, že některá písmena se používají spíše ve slovech arabského původu. Snad se nebudu mýlit když řeknu, že perský pravopis lze označit za (alespoň částečně) historický - tedy je založen na původu a vývoji slov… podobně jako naše ú/ů. Teď ale k našim lekcím…

Můžete se podívat na tyto příklady (a doufám, že tam už nebudu mít chybku jako minule, kdyžtak mě zase upozorněte!). Jsou to jen náhodné kombinace písmen, takže se nesnažte ta "slova" nikde hledat:

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 اردی خان اردی خان | E-mail | Web | 12. prosince 2008 v 20:48 | Reagovat


Dear Madam / Sir

My name is Ardalan and I am an Iranian who lives in Czech Rep. recently we found your blog in internet that is going to teach Farsi for Czech people. my wife is Czech and she translated one of your Posts about Farsi alphabet that it says: Farsi alphabet is taken from Arabic..!!! i am very happy that you are trying to teach our language and also interesting in it, but what it means this word? Farsi alphabet is taken from Arabic Alphabet..???? I am so sorry for you that going to destroy the purity of Farsi by this. i am not going to tell you what you have to do , but i can not let you to insult our culture or language like this. also that English Wikipedia did it already. everything which is written in internet by some illiterate , spiteful persons are not acceptable and you also have to use disinterestedness in you words please. the persons who wrote such a articles about Grammar or alphabet of Farsi in internet are two types:  ILLITERATE or SPITEFUL .... you also better do not URGE and Insist that everything that you learned from Internet is CORRECT...!!! There are lots of documents that can Prove you Farsi is not Taken from Arabic Specially Farsi Alphabet is pure and Arabs took it from our language. Authenticity of this claim is in our History. You also have better to Read some History books about Persia before Damn Arabs. in fact i am tired of lots of people who speaks about IRAN or Its History without perusal and study. get get back to 1400 years ago that when Arabs even didn't know how to read and write we had Language and alphabet then during days it changed. Arabs attacked to weak Persian Empire and destroyed our libraries, burnt the books and killed our people. they got our culture and knowledge and registered it in their name. i am not surprised that now some guys (may be anti Iran our may be very dumb head Muslim) had written some bullshits in Wikipedia (English) and then you supporting your lessons by those words. I understand you read these things in Internet but i have to say: " unfortunatelly in this case you are in a big mistake"

Sorry if i feel a little Mad of this. but just imagine someone stranger to your country like ME going to speak about Czech culture or Czech language, what you will feel that time? what you will feel if i say Czech language was taken from Russian because for me there are lots of common words in Russian and Czech?

Feel free yourself and ask me any question about Farsi. it is my pleasure to help. and very soon i am going to study Farsi in Charles University, but not the Farsi that Arabs changed it. Yes the Pure Farsi that the great poet FERDOSI makes Persian Proud by that.

Have a nice day

2 navisande-je safha navisande-je safha | E-mail | 13. prosince 2008 v 10:43 | Reagovat

I understand what you mean... but I really don´t know weather to beleive you or not. Arabs used their alphabet before they attacked Persia - they wrote their Quran in this alphabet (but without dots which where added later) and AFTER the spread of Islam they attacked Persia.

So... this logically means that Persian people took the arabic alphabet from the Arabs, NOT CONTRARY!

I know a lot about the origins of the arabic alphabet. And this is the first time I have ever heard from someone that Arabs took their alphabet from Persians... Sounds like a total nonsense to me!!

Could you tell where could I make sure that what you are saying is true? Anywhere I look, anyone I ask, any book I read... it always shows that Persians took their alphabet from the Arabs.


I will try to find the truth out. I understand that you are a bit mad, but I really dont beleive you. It sounds so unlogical. Why would the Persians make so many letters for one sound? For example the س ص ث have no difference in their pronunciation. Why would the Persians create so many letters just for one sound? In the Arabic language, all these letters have different pronunciation.

I will try to find some reason to beleive you, but I don´t think that what you are telling me is truth... I´m sorry but it sounds like the biggest nosense I have ever in my life read ;)

3 اردی خان اردی خان | E-mail | Web | 15. prosince 2008 v 3:29 | Reagovat

Excellent ...! It is nonsense, yeah? Hey dude, after 18 years studding Farsi literature and Arabic literature, passing University of Political Sciences in my Fatherland on my mother tongue, you are going to tell me what is truth and what is not? LOL you made me big laugh. really

listen please, i do not like continue this argument and just came here to see what was your LOGICAL answer...!!!! but there was no logic in your word. i have no idea where are you from that you are going to prove me the TRUTH but this kind of answer that you gave me is out of logic not mine. I don't care about you and your believes also your weblog because the one who must knows the fact knows it as well. just go and read the useful history books and some original literature - language books about Farsi or Arabic not those bullshits which some racist Arabs or Pan-Arabs Pan-Turks are written against Persians and our language. the time Arabs invaded us, we had lots of books which had written in Pahlavi and Sanskrit language in our library. according to the words of Mohammad the prophet of Muslims: all Arabs might learn read and write as well. so when i tell you that ( excuse me to be clear on you) you know nothing , is because of this: the one who thought Arabs how to read and write and the rule of grammars was "Salman the persian" who he was the closest person to Mohammad . and he was an Ex- Prince of Persia who had escaped to desert of Arabs. he was a nobel man that all of them knew reading and writing. so it is not so difficult to find the truth in history ( not in bunch of dirt in internet).

we have 3 letters with same sound...? so what? you think it is a good reason that you say Persian took alphabet from Arabs? what a silly question you asked man. 3 letters in Farsi are same sound and we can say so it was Arabic which gave alphabet to Farsi. LOL

4 اردی خان اردی خان | E-mail | Web | 15. prosince 2008 v 3:44 | Reagovat

this comment had continue but i can not write it here because your blog block me as spam. then i post it to your Email.

5 اردی خان اردی خان | E-mail | Web | 15. prosince 2008 v 3:46 | Reagovat

please copy my answer from your email on your blog that all viewers can read it.

6 navisande-je safha navisande-je safha | E-mail | 19. prosince 2008 v 21:00 | Reagovat

the funniest Joke i have ever heard in my life. Arabs who even didn't know how to read and write gave us Alphabet. come on think about it and do not make yourself joke. and do not impolite on me. i was talking to you polite and friendly but you answered me like that i am a dumb. it is nice that you are going to teach some language online but it doesn't mean that you must write anything you want or just "COPY- PASTE" them without understanding.

Sibuyeh or Seybaviyeh سیبویه was the man who lived in " Shiraz" and he was the " first person who created grammar for Arabic" ... intresting yeah? read again he was the " first person who created grammar for Arabic...!"

the sounds, pronunciation, grammar, etc... a Persian published a book and rules for Arabic...! and now a young Czech ( may be not because this way of thinking are not belongs to European ) is going to denial it. do it as you like but it doesn't change the Time and History.

you say we have 3 letters in same sound, so, Arabs have different pronunciation for each of them because of their language.. because of the system of their throat and way of speaking. what a nonsense Idea you have. it same as that i say you are saying " CH " soft, in Czech and we have very strong " خ " .. shall i tell you you got alphabet from us and changed it?  the base of letter in Arabic and Farsi are same because when they came to invade us, wanted to destroy all of our culture and history as they did to Ottomans, Egypt, north Africa south of Spain and all Middle East. Egypt had a language which called " Ghebti "  and Egyptian were spoke with it. (قبطی)

7 navisande-je safha navisande-je safha | E-mail | 19. prosince 2008 v 21:01 | Reagovat

after Arabs invaded them, they forced to learn arabic and speak arabic because it is the language of " fucking damn shit " Koran and all Muslims must know that. as well as that Jews in Israel forced to forget their ancient language " Hebrew " but they didn't and resisted against them. you do not know Farsi well and that is why you are going to say your Ideas in your blog. if you knew Ferdosi ( فردوسی )  then you would never ever speak like this. Arabs wanted to make us like them but Persians didn't. you said these 3 letters are have same sound but you didn’t say that we have 4 letters  ( گ چ پ ژ ) that even Arbas can not pronunciation it at all….! What do you have to say about this? I’ll tell you : because it is clear, “ Farsi alphabet  has  superiority on Arabic and Arabic is taken its alphabet from Farsi..”

Farsi Alphabet had created after that , Arabs took power in Persian Empire to writing Koran and reading it. and it had combination of : Pahlavi , Soghdi , Arami and Manavi languages that each of these languages are has history more than all Arabs life and their History. all of them used by ancient Persians till before Arabs attack to Persia. even the alphabets in Urdu is same as Farsi because it is Farsi - branch . but they are writing it a bit different. so  now after all these evidences i showed you, if you wanna still say that it had taken from Arabic, then i will doubt on your mind. because everybody knows that all these languages are abandoned and also all of them were used in Persia, east of current Turkey, Syria, and east of Persia.

last word, my dear friend, do not trust wikipedia English about languages in Middle East at all. because sometimes i saw many bullshits in wikipedia that anybody can change and edit new articles. or even in other web sites which you are not sure who published it. for example i know a man " Mirchi" who lives in Czech Rep and he is here more than he was in IRAN. once i saw one of his books " Farsi - Czech " to teaching Farsi for Czechs.. but it had many mistakes in it , about grammars and Way of using words. i told my wife that do not use it anymore because it can not help you to learn Correct Farsi.

anyway still i do not know who you are ( Czech, Afghan , Iranian, .... ) but i wish you change your way and do not be so sure about everything that learn from unknown source in internet. Again i tell you I am an Iranian , a pure one, then do not say i am liar because someone will laugh on you. this is mu mother tongue and i know it better than you.  

Be friend instead insulting me.

i will try to find good sources for you. but Koran had not Written before they Attack to Persia. it was Written After that. and published as book. those pages and that Koran you mean is the Book which written in a Koofi language which was a kind of hand writing like long lines like as painting. and if someone told you it was written without dots , because of this. unfortunately all sources that i know are in Farsi and i do not think so you can read it. but i will find some good one. Arabs had a very very long enmity with Persians and they use any chances to say we were the best and blah blah blah.... after thousands of years still you can see how they are educated and behave. it is not only the matter of language, it is a prestige matter for all Iranian because even you can not find a famous science or researcher in Arabs History. all those who had written somthing and published a book were Persians and it made Arabs Angry. that is why they are still going to show truth upside- down and denial their dark past. also unfortunately there are some Iranian who thinks they are iranian but helping them to insult us as well. they doesn't care about national Zealotry at all then i do not expect them to say some truth to you.

Have a nice day

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